Free ride festival in Australia is about riding and performing on different slopes, hills and facing challenges that would test the ability of bikers to showcase their skills when it comes to exhibitions. It is a competition held in Australia with prizes for those who come out on top.

There are different types of events to participate in. These are the Australian unofficial Whip-Off Championship, Bunny Hop Competition and High Jump Competition on the Air Bag. These extreme exhibitions on bikes are joined by pro bikers who are experts when it comes to this field. Every country has its own ways to perform and showcase the talents of their participants and many foreigners take part in these events.

These kinds of festivals are known for the amazing and dangerous acts that a person can do. There is only little information you can read on the internet about this Australian free ride festival like when and where it was started. This kind of festivals needed much time and effort to build and look for the competition site for bikers. Professional bikers do these dangerous acts to entertain, show what they had got and had lots of practice with failures for them to learn. These kinds of festivals also help to promote the tourism of a country where it is being held. Promoting tourism in a country is easy if it is visited by the well known artists or professionals because they can share their own experiences of the place they’ve been. Festivals around the globe symbolize how great and wonderful cultures are.