When you hear the word festival, you also probably hear the cheers and laughter as the background music for that word. It’s as if a festival cannot happen without the fun. It would not be a festival if it does not have that upbeat, fast and exciting atmosphere, right?

That is what everyone should expect from the XUP Festival, a free ride festival.

It is not just be about all those free rides, it is about the fun, excitement and enthusiasm from all festival goers.

For the XUP Festival, each of the participants is given the chance not just to compete but also to get the chance to have freebies from different sponsors. Shared practices from fellow participants are also helpful for first-timers but at the same time it will be the perfect chance to connect.

Just like any other gathering, XUP Festival is the perfect venue to widen every guest’s horizon. This is the right chance for free rides enthusiasts to meet new people and make better connections.

For the XUP Festival, there is no room for a loner, groups are very much welcome to join and participate. The festival’s aim is not to encourage competition but to spread good and inspiring stories shared by everyone who will be part of the festival.

The success of the festival is not measured by the number of participants who take part but by the amount of joy, screams, cheers and laughter heard and felt during the entire XUP Festival.